Hosting “Christmas Came to Me”

Christmas Came to Me
A local outdoor community carol sing-along on your street

This is an opportunity for those in the church family to gather our neighbours outdoors for a local event, tailored to that particular corner of the community. This is a simple approach to holding a form of carol service outside our own front doors.

We hope this is less of a performance and more an opportunity to serve our neighbours and share the “good news of great joy for all peoples”

You will need to find a willing musician and a basic PA system so they can be heard. You may also want a friend to help hand out song words.

You could give out a resource bag to each family, e.g.

  • a sheet with the readings and carol words (download link below)
  • our family worksheet (download link below)
  • a flyer about your church
  • a tract or Christmas booklet
  • a home baked treat (wrapped in cling film with a note about the ingredients).

Take a look at our suggested invitation below. You could knock on doors in advance to explain how it will work. You know your own neighbours: Is there a musician or a singer who could join you? Is there a dancer who wants to perform? Are there children who could bring torches and/or percussion to help them join in?

Be clear that everyone should stay close to their home. This is not a gathering and it will be socially distanced. It’s just like the weekly NHS clap, but to celebrate Christmas.

Below you’ll find a suggested script. You know your own community, so say what seems best for your neighbours.

You can also point your neighbours to for a web version of the lyrics and readings so they can follow along. If you have families with young children joining you, there are some hints included throughout for ways of engaging them.

Perhaps it will be so popular that they will want you back next week. You can choose your own readings and carols for that one!

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